Thursday, March 29, 2012

Car Stereo Systems - Amps, Subs, Speakers And CD Players

In the case of car audio, many contemplate constructing a well-balanced system, usually never. The most vital part of your music system is in fact managing the various highs, mids and lows, getting them to circulate beautifully inside of the car, collectively. This is going to allow you to hear the finest depth, every detail, your tunes can give.

CD receivers, for brand new vehicles, might already include a variety of options needed for you to enjoy tunes. They may possibly employ a 3.5mm front input jack which you can connect your portable songs player. Recent cars are currently offering decks that offer increasingly more ways for you to enjoy tunes.

Whenever you have an older vehicle, odds are, the preferred feature to choose to listen to music is going to be the FM radio, and some might certainly possess a CD player. Generally, these outdated receivers possibly will not deliver sufficient power for upgraded speakers, in case you want to change out the older speakers. The right route is always to replace your factory deck with an upgraded deck. This will certainly offer you a lot of songs playing choices together with improving power output to completely new speakers you will install.

Speakers in differing cars come set up offering diverse size speakers. For anyone who is uncertain which size speakers you may have, easily research the vehicle make, model and year to discover which size speakers your car has.

Do not be selfish with the speakers. In case you're upgrading the front speakers, switch out your back speakers at the same time. It's important to offer good music for your rear passengers as well.

If you're searching for a louder sound system, you should purchase a 4-channel amp to power the four speakers installed in the front and back. Whenever you pick out your speakers, don't forget to pay consideration to the RMS rating. The RMS rating will be the amount of watts the speaker will handle consistently. Whenever all four speakers are identical and handle 50 watts RMS each, buy an amp that offers 50 watts RMS for each channel.

When your speakers are diverse sizes for the front and back plus handle differing RMS ratings, by way of example, your front 4-inch speakers handle 40 watts RMS and the 5 1/4" rear speakers handle 65 watts RMS, select a 4-channel amplifier that delivers 40 watts RMS per channel. Each speaker will definitely be loud enough and you simply are not going to have to be concerned with damaging the smaller speakers.

Just one sub will probably be good when you'd like to increase low frequency that plainly is not presently present. Your manufacturer speakers might actually sound fair, however when you turn the bass high, you are far from satisfied with the distortion from the speakers.

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Car Stereo System Is A Great Gift Idea For Music Lovers

Sometimes something happens to give you a strong feeling of exhilaration and your spirit lifts up to a higher level than where it normally is. For some it's that winning goal in a football match, or being the first to the tape in a race. For me that's when one of my favourite tracks starts playing and everything starts to feel better, no matter what my problems.

Music from my youth, or even from my childhood years that I've grown attached to and never seems to age for me. Music that brings poignant memories of good times, that changes the way the world looks - sometimes in an instant, sometimes it just grows on you slowly.

Although we always take our music with us there are some places that consistently seem to be places where we really need it. In the home and in the car are particular places where you automatically turn the music on, when you want to listen to it and at the volume that suits the mood you are in. Of course, you can spend the day with a portable stereo and earphones plugged in, great if you are on foot. However, the two places we usually want the best quality music player in are the home and in the car and that's where the quality becomes more important.

Often when setting up home we treat ourselves to a music system that allows us to play our carefully acquired music whenever we please, but the car tends to be left out because the music system in it comes as standard. Although we spend a lot of time in the car we tend to get used to what is available to us and the factory fitted car stereo system is accepted.

Remember that a car audio system is factory fitted with a low cost system that doesn't waste too much money on car owners who really do not care about music. They sound OK, they have to, just so that cars in the showroom at least sound good, but when you spend so much time driving and appreciate music then you might feel better with a change.

Why put up with factory specification when you can put some power and quality into that beautiful sound you want to enjoy whilst you are held captive going from A to B? Get a brand new quality car stereo system that gives your music the justice it deserves.

In fact, doesn't this sound like a great gift to somebody you know. Someone who travels often, loves music and would appreciate a gift of a quality new car stereo system. If you did give this as a gift then imagine that moment their favourite music is played, it catches them just at the right time, lifts them higher than they have felt for ages, in perfect clarity and powerful volume. A car stereo system is the perfect gift of a perfect sound in a place where it really does get appreciated.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Parrot Bluetooth Car Kits - MKi Button Synchronising

MKi Parrot Bluetooth car kits have a separate remote control. This battery driven unit may need to be synchronised to the kit because it was broken and you have replaced it, or simply because it has stopped working. As this button is not hardwired, this is an easy fix for customers to make without the need for professional help.

Button Placement

With this range of Bluetooth car kits there is a choice when it comes to placing the remote control. Unlike many other systems the remote is battery operated and totally independent from the rest of the kit. It is because there is no connecting cable, that a greater range of mounting options are possible.

In all photographs provide by Parrot, the remote control is placed within a thumbs reach while being strapped to the car steering wheel. The problem with this option is that the unit often gets knocked and can easily end up broken. Realistically most people develop their own driving style and just don't stick to the 'Ten-to-Two' hands on the steering wheel position.

The remote control can also be placed on the dash. Depending on the car interior design there are usually a few options to choose from. Please note that the device needs to be within easy reach of the driver and also stuck down onto a flat surface.

We find that there is about a fifty-fifty split in how customers choose the remote control to be mounted. However in our own personal cars we prefer the button to be mounted on the dash.

System Confusion

The remote control connects to the rest of the kit wirelessly. It is not very common, but occasionally a system gets confused and the remote stops being able to communicate with the brain.

Whether you are programming in a new remote or synchronising an existing remote the method is the same. The procedure is a sequence of button presses, performed at the correct time and can be performed by car owners.

MKi Button Synchronising

1. Turn the ignition on a wait for the device to start-up,

2. When you see either 9200 or 9100 in the screen then,

3. Hold down the green and play/pause button together with one hand while,

4. Press the red button several times until the display shows the kit is responding.

MKi Parrot Bluetooth Kits - Getting it Right

It is important that the button press sequence is done at the point that the screen comes to life. Customers with the MKi 9000, without a screen, will need to guess at getting it right. It is worth noting that these Parrot Bluetooth kits generally take about 10 seconds or more to wake up.

It is also worth having several goes at getting the button synchronised before assuming something is broken.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Good Car Sound System Improves Your Driving Experience

A car sound system is usually replaced by a car owner when individual components have broken down or simply to upgrade for better sound quality. Whichever reason motivates you, there is not doubt that it is a good idea. Just about any aftermarket mobile audio components are superior to stock sound components when comparing sound quality but there are some basic points to consider when making a decision concerning product brands and models.

The first thing to consider is whether you would like to upgrade separate components in your sound system or replace the entire system. Many car owners will opt to replace just the source unit in the dash and maybe the main speakers. This step alone can improve the overall sound quality of any vehicle's stock audio system.

When replacing or upgrading a car's audio system, one of the most important factors in helping you make your decision is your budget. Obviously, replacing an entire car sound system is going to be more expensive then just changing a couple of its components. If you plan on changing several components, you'll also want to decide how much of your budget you intend to dedicate to each item. It is easy to blow an entire budget on a high priced subwoofer and enclosure and then realize you can't afford a source unit. Without planning this happens all the time.

After you figure the expense of the sound system's components, you'll have to consider the installation. If handy with tools and with a basic knowledge of electronics you might feel confident enough to install your own equipment. This can save you a good amount of money and you'll find an abundance of information on the subject located on the web. Many local shop owners will have package prices available when you purchase the components directly from them and have them do the install. But be aware, you will always save cash if you buy your components from reputable online sources and just inquire about a straight forward installation after you receive them. Once local shop owners know you have already purchased your equipment, they will be more then happy to provide installation at a reasonable cost.

When considering various car sound system components, consider exactly what features are most important to you. This is most important when shopping for source units. From personal experience in the field, most buyers unintentionally pay for many options that they'll never use.

One important option to consider when looking at source units is the availability of hands-free operation. You don't want an in-dash unit which has so many options that it takes your attention away from driving. New hands free technology is working its way into car audio as well as communication products.

Yet another important option to consider if you have children is the availability of dual zone controls. Its great to have the children watching their favorite DVDs in the back seat but you might get a bit tired of hearing them and miss your favorite tunes. The dual zone controls allows the back seat passengers to listen to the head sets as you enjoy the front speakers with your own music selections.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Car Electronics: The Gifts That Keep on Giving

Whether you're looking for a holiday present, a graduation gift, or a birthday present, sometimes it seems impossible to find the right gift. Either your friend is too picky or your mother-in-law already has everything, and you can just feel stuck when it comes to finding a present they'll like. Now, it may sound a little odd, but why not buy them aftermarket car electronics? Even if the proposed recipient of the gift isn't into window rattling bass or iPod integration systems, there are several kinds of mobile electronics that are sure to fit the bill for just about everyone in your life. And unlike a box of chocolates or a boring gift card, aftermarket systems like in-car GPS, vehicle security alarms, or even backup cameras are gifts that keep on giving. So if you're looking for a present for Christmas, birthdays, or pretty much any other occasion, and the individual on your list owns a car or truck, keep reading for great ideas that are sure to please.

Car Alarms

At first glance, a car alarm may not seem like the most appropriate thing to give as a Christmas present, but when you start to think about it, who wouldn't want the peace of mind a vehicle security system can provide. Whether you live in an urban area or your neighborhood has more of a suburban feel, car theft is an unfortunate fact of life, and it can happen to anyone. Giving the gift of a car alarm can provide your loved one with the stress-free knowledge that their vehicle is safeguarded from ill-intentioned miscreants. And with car security alarm models ranging from bare-bones to all the bells and whistles, there's sure to be an option that fits your desired budget.


Especially perfect for frequent road trippers and people whose sense of direction is somewhat lacking, giving a car navigation GPS is a fabulous present that will help get your loved one from point A to point B without the hassle. Available in portable models or as a fully installed in-dash navigation system, car GPS comes at a variety of different price points as well as with various features. Just think: who hasn't gotten lost in an unfamiliar area or had to stop to ask for directions at least once in their life? When you give the gift of a GPS navigation system, you make it easy for the driver to reach their destination without the stress.

Backup Cameras

Backup cameras provide peace of mind by helping prevent accidents: Since they display an image of what's behind the car, there's no more reversing into the neighbor's mailbox, traffic, or even passing pedestrians. Backup camera installation can be surprisingly non-invasive with a license plate frame mounted camera, and even with integrated systems, the benefits far outweigh the installation drawbacks. Helping keep your loved one safe today and well down the road, a rear view camera is a gift that shows you truly care.

So if you're stumped on what to get for that important gift-giving occasion, don't just settle for another boring gift card. Give your friend or family member a gift that will bring them great benefits well into the future: Whether you pick a portable car GPS, a versatile car security alarm, or a fully integrated backup camera system, they're sure to love these aftermarket car electronics. Contact your local car audio shop to learn more about affordable, sure-to-please gift-giving options.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Top Four Car Accessories for the Technophile

I love my technical gadgets, there is almost nothing I own, I do not think, could be improved by fitting it with Bluetooth and synchronising it with my mobile. As I spend a lot of time in my car this is one area I want kitted out with the latest car accessories to connect my world.

Bluetooth Radio

I carry all my music on my phone so I don't have very many CD's, which make playing music in the car awkward. I like that every time I get into my car my phone automatically connects to the radio and starts playing music. It is just one little thing that makes things a little bit easier. This also has the benefit of acting like a hands free kit. So I do not need to put a Bluetooth headset in everything I get in the car just in case I get a call. For me this is my favourite car accessory as it makes things simple.


This must be something most people have by now and I for one would be (literally) lost without it. I have a standalone sat nav as well as the one on my phone which I find much easier than looking over maps. After a few pokes and pinches I have usually found my route whereas if I were using my none GPS fitted map I would be still struggling to find out where I was never mind were I need to be.

Parking Sensors

Most new cars now come with parking sensors but if your car does not have them you can also add these yourself. I got sick of parking up only to realise the gap I thought was tiny was almost big enough for another car, or even worse being stopped suddenly by a crunch. I found that parking sensors drastically improved my parking, and make the process a lot quicker. Of all the car accessories I have mentioned this is perhaps the most difficult to fit, but you can usually fit these yourself with a bit of know how.

USB charger

With all this in-car tech it can be difficult keeping it all going. As much as I love my sat nav over my map, my map will never run out of batteries. So I always have a universal charger on hand in my car. This way I have got a cable for whenever one of my car accessories needs some extra power. If you take a look around you will find you can get individual ports as well as plugs with multiple USB ports.

These are just my top four; there are a plethora of gadgets out there to fill almost any problem you can think of. So start thinking about how some new car accessories could make you car a better place to be.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Touch Screen Technology in Today's Car Stereos

Touch screen technology is becoming very popular among consumers in the United States. There are many electronic services and products that are using this technology. Touch screen technology is making everything much safer, easier and more fun to use. It takes little effort to find and change a song on a modern touch screen car stereo and that is really important because now driving is in focus. Besides car stereos, touch screen technology is now making it easy to buy tickets online, do online banking, play games and a lot more. As we all know, the prices of electronic products are decreasing and touch screen car stereos are being affected too! And that's good news because, for many people, touch screen car stereos were very expensive car accessories for a number of years, but not anymore. The prices in the gadget industry are rapidly changing and becoming more affordable.

A car stereo has been developed from a simple device where you could have listed to your favorite radio station or maybe played a CD. Quite a big number of new functions have been added to make the most modern and exciting stereos ever! You can now play your music files from a CD or a DVD (MP3, WMA, AAC audio formats are supported). A portable music player like iPod or any other MP3 player is also compatible and it can be connected to the stereo. You can even load your music from a MMC or SD card - these types of cards are mainly found in digital cameras. So as you can see, there are a lot of options and you can use the one you like the most. As far as video files go, all I can say is that almost every major video format is supported. Here is just a short list: MP4, WMV, XVID, DIVX, MPEG etc. Video files can be loaded from the same sources as the audio files.

There are many manufacturers that offer touch screen car stereo, and here are some of the more popular ones: Sony, Jensen, Alpine, Kenwood, Clarion, Planet Audio, BOSS, Absolute, Pyle, Power Acoustic, Sound Stream, TKO Audio, Quantum FX, JVC, Legacy and DTI. Most of them offer a 7-inch adjustable screen, but there are also 5-inch versions. The "adjustable" means that you can angle the monitor and that makes is very comfortable to watch. The crisp touch-screen makes navigation easier and smoother. The sound quality is awesome. Some of the models even include a GPS system, others have an option for it. Bluetooth technology is available to connect your headset.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Car MP3 Player With FM Transmitter - Good Choice for Music Enjoyment in Vehicle

The car MP3 player with FM provides a signal of excellent strength, this enables you to listen to music of better quality from your favourite FM stations. Generally, this wireless transmitter broadcasts almost have over 200 stations, allowing you to choose the clearest stations to broadcast your music. The car MP3 player with FM is a smart technology with a factor of convenience attached to it. It ensures that you do not feel any interruption with your driving while trying to switch to another FM station or change the volume or track.
This gadget is not just restricted to the radio stations, it also allows you to transfer your favourite music inside, as well as play them directly via FM stereo receiver. It allows you to listen to the music saved on your USB flash drive. In this way, you can enjoy your MP3 music collection without having to spend money to upgrade your car stereo or purchase CDs.
Usually this device also accepts SD and MMC cards for maximum compatibility. With this transmitter's audio in port, you can even plug it in another audio source. You can connect your iPod, portable DVD player, CD player, laptop computer, portable gaming console, or any other device with a standard headphone jack. The gadget really gives you the ability of complete control of whatever you hear or want to hear in your car.
Even better, the car MP3 player with FM is easy to use. Simply plug it into your car's cigarette lighter socket, and the built-in LCD screen will light up and display the transmitting radio station. Just select the desired station on the car MP3 player, and then tune your car's radio to the same station. Turn up the volume and you're done!
Here are other features. The remote control in the car MP3 player will provides the safety and convenience when you are listening to music along with driving. It is more convenient and safer to control your music using the included slim remote. Selectable equalizer presets is also available - rock, classic, jazz, folk, disco, reggae, soft rock are your options. Fully adjustable broadcast station selection for clear reception, and swivel design allows you to turn the unit 120 degrees from its base for positioning in any vehicle.
The car MP3 player with FM transmitter is really multifunctional. And due to the high technology and car owners' demand, car MP3 player are becoming increasingly advanced.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting the Best Bluetooth Headset for Your Phone

Cell phones have now truly become an indispensable part of our life! If you look around, you would know that this is a very big fact; there would be very few people, who go about without a cell phone in their hand or one tucked safely away in their pockets. But is it just to make and receive calls that these phones are being used today? Definitely not! With the advance in technology, cell phones have now become a source of information, music and a whole lot of things, apart from their normal use for making calls.

Bluetooth is one such advanced feature that is present in almost every cell phone today. This helps in transferring data from one phone to another, provided that these phones are within a particular range of distance, from each other. If you are to use the Bluetooth facility of your phone to fit well with your requirements, you need to make sure that you have the proper accessories that are required for this purpose. This is where, the choice of a good Bluetooth headset becomes a necessity.

Getting the best Bluetooth headset can be a tricky process and if you are not much aware of what exactly are your requirements, there are more chances that you may get cheated by some dealer! The first point to be kept in mind, when you are out shopping for a Bluetooth headset, is whether the headset you plan to purchase is compatible with your phone. You need to make sure of this because however costly it is, a headset that is not compatible with your cell phone will be of no good to you!

The next thing you should consider is your budget. If you scan the market, you can see that there are many varieties of Bluetooth headsets, some priced as low as $10 and some others, as high as $300! This price variation occurs based on the special additional features that are available in each headset. It is up to you, to choose one that completes your requirements and yet, fits within your budget.

Another thing to notice when looking for the best Bluetooth headset is the type of headset you prefer to use. One of the common types available in the markets is the one with buds that can be pushed into your ears. These types of headsets can keep the sound from the surroundings, completely out of your ears. But they may create some pain in the ears if used for long hours. Another type is the one that covers your ears, without having to plug it in fully into your ears. These are more comfortable to wear, if you are planning to use them for a long time. The call quality should also be taken into consider`tion, before you decide on any particular headset. The battery life of the headset is yet another thing you should make a note of, before purchasing it. If all these factors are taken into consideration, you are not likely to go wrong when shopping for a good Bluetooth headset.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT 7-Inch In-Dash Navigation AV Receiver

The Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT is this manufacturer's flagship receiver and includes such advanced features as built-in navigation, vocal recognition and Bluetooth integration which will enable one to swap this receiver into a standard in-dash mounting space and then provide the user not only with up-to-date GPS information but also touchscreen integration of Apple's iPod/iPhone, which, with the right app installed also gives you access to the popular Pandora audio service.

Whether you are just going to an appointment or you must take a trip across half the continent, the AVIC-Z130BT provides you with not only with up-to-date mapping so that you can find the shortest route between the start and end points. Along the way, once you have paired up your Bluetooth phone with the Bluetooth service included in this Pioneer receiver, you can make and take phone calls without taking your hands from the wheel.

Featuring a seven-inch WVGA touchscreen, you have access to not only your routing information, but also your entertainment selection whether you have loaded up a set of CDs or DVDs in a magazine. Indeed, looking at the source lists, you can choose the tracks you want to play so you can make your own play list.

Like other Pioneer devices, though, the AVIC-Z130BT features full touchscreen control of your iPod/iPhone device through the USB link in the front of the receiver. Just a touch of the "source" button and you can access either your own thumbdrive playlist, if you choose to use download your own list from your PC or you can have complete control over Apple's iPod/iPhone. On the iPod you have control of moving forward and backward, stepping through play lists and fast-forward. On the iPhone, if you load the Pandora app, you have complete control over the audio service which including setting bookmarks and playlists.

Interestingly, because of this is Pioneer's flagship receiver, you have automatic updates of all of the maps available. They include not only North America, but also Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. The display is primarily 2D, although when you are using the navigation feature and are coming up on a turn, the screen turns into a 3D illustration of the turn and a voice tells you to "take a right turn in 25 yards." If you decided to change your route, the navigation feature will also allow you to reroute your vehicle to the ending address.

Pioneer has implemented another new feature that will help you control your iPod/iPhone and that is its own "AVIC Feed" app that allows your Pioneer device to have complete control over them.

And, while you are driving, your phone is constantly checking with "RDS" stations and other sources through the ND-TMC 10 traffic tuner so you can find out about roadway problems ahead of time and change your route to avoid them.

The AVIC-Z130BT also keeps an eye on your carbon footprint to help you keep your fuel use in check.

There are so many features built into this device it leaves you little wonder why it is the manufacturer's flagship device.

For example, there is a voice recognition engine that allows the system to learn your voice and then you can give the system commands by voice and if you have, for example, a large database of phone numbers in your phone, you can simply say "Call Sam" and if there is more than one listed you may be asked which Sam you want. You can even use the voice recognition circuit to control your iPod and iPhone.

Interestingly, not only do you have this act as a front-seat navigation/entertainment device, as the rear has outputs for rear displays and headsets so that you can use it as a complete rear entertainment system.

The Pioneer also offers you four channels that allow you to push out up to 50 watts of power per channel so you have a total of 200 watts of amplification built in. However, you will find that the seven-band built in equalizer will probably keep your sound below the level of distortion so that you always have quality sound and if you use a thumbdrive and such sound sources as MP3 or WMA, both of which tend to compress sound by cutting off the high end, you will find the Pioneer restores the high end for crisp sound.

The Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT offers you many features including four preamplified RCA jacks in the rear so you can add an external subwoofer, an external amplifier and other features such as specialized high- and low-pass filtering.

Finally, you have the option to grow this into a complete replacement system for any high-end radio receiver as it offers not only High definition radio addition capability along with satellite radio, but you can add a camera and the right circuitry and have a full backup camera, a very expensive option on many vehicles.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Keeping Your Sanity With a Mobile DVD Player

If you get the shakes just thinking of the last road-trip you took with your toddlers or teenagers, you are not alone. It can be tough travelling with kids of any age, for both themselves and their parents! But while you may not be able to turn a car ride into a trip to remember, there are certain damage-control techniques that can ensure you will at least survive the experience, if not enjoy it out right.

Firstly, consider setting some ground rules for the whole family. Decide on certain subjects or even phrases that always seem to get someone's back up, and make it a ground rule that no one is allowed to voice them. Also agree to take turns with setting the temperature in the car, weather windows or the fan is allowed, etc. It's important that everyone be as comfortable as possible during long trips on the road, so play it fair and make sure everyone's voice is heard.

Secondly, invest in a mobile DVD player for your car if you can possible afford it. This might seem like a frivolous expense, but I promise you that if you buy one, you will fall in love with it. Mobile DVD players designed for cars come in a variety of models and screen-sizes, with price-tags to match.

Ideally, your best choice is to go with a headrest DVD player. These players come installed in headrests that you simply swap for your existing headrest, so the screen and player are literally in the back of the front-seat headrests, so they take up no extra space, can't get bumped around or become air-born, and are more easily hidden from potential thieves. Headrest DVD players tend to be a little more expensive than other types of mobile DVD system, but you can pick a single player up for anywhere from $90-$250, and a set of two for anywhere between $200-$500.

Other choices for in-car entertainment include flip-down TV's and DVD players, and portable and in-dash DVD players, but these are far less safe and are much more visible to thieves.

Particularly if you can manage a DVD player per child (if you have two kids, you can buy a set of 2 headrest DVD players for a moderate sum), your road trip will become dramatically easier. Not only will your kids be passively entertained and quiet, but if they each have a player of their own, they won't even have to squabble over what movie to pick! Alternatively, if you can only afford one player or have more than 2 children, just make sure you establish ground rules about taking turns choosing a DVD to keep tempers to a minimum.

You can even keep movie-time educational by occasionally choosing a documentary or historical film, then start a conversation and encourage a family discussion about the subject.

Finally, try to remember to have relax and have fun! So what if you are a bit delayed in reaching your destination. It's worth being a bit late in order to make sure the whole family arrives happy and comfortable. Nothing kills a nice vacation like resentments and family members refusing to speak to each other! So above all, just trust that everything will work out, keep calm and cool, and enjoy the ride.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Head Unit Power: What You Should Know

Car Stereo deck power is very deceiving! Many head units have HUGE power ratings on the Boxes or right on the front of the units! The highest head unit power I have ever actually tested was 13 watts (at a half way decent THD)... So even if the head unit says 35Watts or 40 watts per channel on it don't ever expect for it to really be more than 15! Just cant happen!

Real amplifiers use massive power supplies in them with toroidal transformers to "step up" the voltage so that large amounts of power can be made! Head units just don't have room in them For the large transformers that are needed for large power supplies, so don't expect more than 15 watts per Speaker out of the unit's built-in amplifier circuitry. Some of the more reputable head units might print high power ratings on the boxes but If you read the small print in the spec sheets in the owners manual they might admit to the 15 watt figure! Alpine's V-Drive head units are stated to put out 60 watts per channel, using a direct 10AWG power line directly from the car battery's positive terminal, but once you read the fine print, you'll see that the actual power output is a maximum of 26 watts per channel continuous. This is still one of the most powerful head units on the market... at 26 watts.

Most high power stereos use a bridged output (also called floating ground or push pull), units use an IC chip that makes both speaker wires to each speaker work together with one pushing while the other pulls (so to speak) just like a real amplifier does when you bridge it. Unlike a real amplifier however, most car stereos cannot be un-bridged. Even still, having no transformer in the head unit limits it severely and your output will be around 12 to 13 watts per speaker.

How can they print these specs if they aren't true? Well, for starters, car audio is not regulated like home audio. The Federal Trade Commission several years ago required home audio manufacturers to print accurate power ratings based on a standard testing procedure. Car audio did not yet exist (much), so this requirement was not worded to include car audio. As a result, less scrupulous manufacturers will print the peak power rating, as opposed to the RMS. A peak power rating (usually called "maximum" because it sounds better) is a measure of what the amplifier can do for just a very short time. RMS (often called "continuous", because it sounds better) is a more true measurement. This is how much power an amplifier can continue to put out for longer periods. Accurate peak and RMS measurements give a good view of an amplifier's capability (the peak measurement is required to produce the heart pounding bass, which requires much more power than the continuous music, which needs RMS power). However, there is no standard for measuring peak power among manufacturers, so it can't be trusted for most equipment.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sweeten Your Ride With a Car Audio System and Other Mobile Electronics

Your car is likely to be one of the places where you spend a lot of time. Make your time in the car more enjoyable by adding new audio and video systems to your vehicle.

Most people spend a great deal of time in the car, traveling from destination to destination. Without a working stereo system or other entertaining mobile electronics, this time in the car can be boring and downright frustrating. Fortunately, though, you can make your ride a lot sweeter by choosing to add the right mobile electronics.

A good car audio system is essential if you want to enjoy the time that you spend in your vehicle. If you don't have a way to pass the time, you could get bored easily and end up making bad driving choices. Being frustrated behind the wheel can even lead to road rage, which is something that all drivers will want to avoid. Having a quality audio system in your vehicle will make it much easier for you to stay entertained and stay focused on the task at hand. A car audio system is especially important for those who have to spend a significant amount of time in the car, such as people who commute to work or school. Having a good audio system is essential in these situations, as radio can help to provide traffic updates as well as entertainment options.

Listening to the radio or a CD might be enough for adults when they're in the car, but traveling with children often requires additional forms of entertainment. While books and games can often entertain children for short rides, longer car trips can be difficult on them--and, by extension, you. You can make sure that you and your kids are happy on the road by choosing to add a car DVD system to your vehicle. When your kids have the option of watching a video while you're traveling, they'll be much less likely to get into trouble or cause a distraction while you're trying to deal with traffic. Help keep your kids happy on the road by choosing a new car DVD system. It will make hours in the car fly by and give your kids a chance to have added fun on road trips.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Choose Marine Audio in Time for This Summer Fun

If you're planning on enjoying this summer's beautiful weather out on the water, make sure your boat is ready with the best marine audio electronics before the warm temperatures arrive. Take your boat to the next level with marine stereos and more!

Hot summer days are practically made for lazing out on the river or lake in your boat. If you want to enjoy this summer's relaxation, water sports, or fishing to the fullest, though, you may want to consider installing a new marine stereo. A great way to amp up the entertainment factor, no matter what your favorite boating activities may be, marine audio systems can integrate all of the latest listening technology into your watercraft. So take some great music out on the water this year by getting the boat stereo system you've always dreamed of.

Whether you're a fan of country music or prefer hip-hop, it takes a top-quality audio system to enjoy those tunes to the fullest. And that's where marine audio electronics come in. Today's high-tech options mean that all of the types of cutting-edge aftermarket components that are available for your car or truck are also available for your fishing boat, speed boat, or other watercraft. Available options span the gamut from systems designed for clear, crisp audio over the rush of the wind and spray to systems designed to really blast the bass. You can get:

* Marine stereos

* Speakers

* Amps and woofers

* CD players

* MP3 player docks/integration

* Even satellite radio

All of these marine audio components will be installed in an attractive, watertight way. When it comes to your new marine electronics, you obviously want them to look their best and have them integrated into your boat in a way that looks natural. like they've been there all along. But you'll also need them to be installed in a secure, water-resistant way. Unlike with car stereo systems, mobile electronics that are installed on watercraft are exposed to the elements. That means wind and water, but it also means extensive UV exposure. That's why it's critical that your new marine audio speakers and other equipment are both specifically designed for the harsh marine environment and precisely installed to stand up to the years of splashing and spray.

Once it's installed, your new marine stereo system will be there to add a fantastic sound track to your summer, whether you're partying your weekends away on the water or fishing quietly along the riverbank.

So don't wait! Get your new marine stereo, speakers, and other electronics installed before summer's gorgeous days arrive and don't miss out on a moment of the fun. Visit your local car audio shop or call today to find out whether they offer skilled marine electronics installation.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Benefits of Installing a GPS Navigation System in Your Car

Getting your car fitted with GPS navigation system is a sensible idea. It is indeed a need rather than a luxury. Fitting GPS navigation makes it easy for you to locate fuel refilling station, finding a bank and the like while you are traveling. At times, it would be an invaluable company when you are thrown desolate and are in need of help.

The GPS navigation system can make your traveling in car more convenient. Following are some benefits provided by this technology.

Travel easily in new places
While traveling to new places, either on a vacation or on a business purpose, there is a great probability of you being in a place you are not so familiar with. In the event you want to know where your destination is, having GPS navigation in the car would be of great help. This would conserve your valuable time, fuel and effort. Further, if you feel you are lost, it will help you. Thus, you can ensure that you do not lose path to your destination and waste time and fuel in tracing it.

Choose traffic free routes
Of late, traffic snarls have become so common that they are taken for granted, especially in large metropolitan cities, notwithstanding the proactive measures like increased surveillance and better traffic management using technology as well as labor. While part of the city is congested with traffic, a part may have a low traffic density. GPS navigation system you with the current situation at any locality and thus helps you spot areas with less traffic so that you can reach your destination hassle free.

Save fuel
While driving long distances, one of the primary considerations is conserving fuel. To save fuel, you should minimize its wastage. You waste considerable amount of fuel in searching a location, or following a wrong route, or the one with traffic hurdles. Having GPS device in your car, would rule out all this by locating your desired destination and showing the right route. GPS system provides options which lets you set goals in the device such as driving by the shortest route, a route with leanest traffic and the like, that help you conserve fuel.

Plan your travel by estimating the time
Another important consideration while driving is time. Using GPS installed in your car, you can plan your travel program. This system lets you determine the time you need to set for the travel program by helping you to know the distance between the places you traverse, and the routes that save your time like the ones with less traffic, and with convenient amenities. Thus, this makes your trip more beneficial and enjoyable.

Easy to trace routes when you are lost somewhere
The principle feature of GPS system to stand functional at any location across the globe helps you trace out the route to your destination in case you are lost on your journey. It locates you using the satellite communication system. This device fitted in your car will help you know where you are and through which route you can reach your destination.

Easy to trace your car in case of theft
A GPS device, when fitted in to a car will make it easy to trace it in case it is stolen. The car can be located exactly using satellite and GPS signal receiving aids. This helps police and other law enforcement agencies locate your car.

Save insurance cost
For cars having GPS installed at the time of purchase or later, certain insurance companies offer insurance at a reduced premium. This is because the risk of not being traced in the event of theft of the car considerably reduces. Thus, you get your car insurance for lower price. It would help you in the long run save on paying insurance costs.

You may have to invest some money to install a GPS navigation system initially, but the benefits you get from it are manifold. Thus, you should indeed consider getting it installed in your car if you do not have one.